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Our Environmental Impact in Numbers


Fewer Chemicals

We believe in using natural fertilizers and processes to help our coffee grow strong and healthy from seed to harvest.


Less Water

Our coffee is dried in the sunlight and processed naturally - without the unnecessary use of energy and water. 


More Production

Using nature as a guide, we are able to harvest approximately seventeen percent more coffee each year.

The L'Aquila Tradition

At Caffè L'Aquila we're committed to providing our loyal coffee fans with a premium "seed to cup" coffee experience that starts at the source. Our team of producers take great care in the coffee growing process from start to finish. The process begins by planting only the highest quality coffee trees available. Our coffee trees are cared for by experts and cultivated twice each year using all natural soil nutrients to help ensure a robust harvest and an optimal taste experience with each and every cup.​

We take part in Fair Trade practices and have a philosophy of giving back to the local coffee farm workers, their families and their communities. Our award winning single origin and premium blend coffees are being enjoyed by coffee lovers around the world.

Peter Adler

Gen X

Coffee Entrepreneur

Sustainable Investor


Lorenzo Adler

Gen Z

Professional Chef

Coffee Trader


No secret ingredients, just great coffee.

It's all about flavor.


         Nature does its part.


 We help ensure the true character            and qualities stay pure throughout 

the process from seed to cup.

COFFEE WITH A CAUSE: Helping Ensure a Better Tomorrow for Orphaned and High-Risk Kids.

Coffee throughout the world is traditionally grown in some of the most remote and impoverished areas imaginable. Coffee farm workers have extremely difficult lives and typically earn the equivalent of around $5/day - which is less than the cost of one specialty coffee drink. These farm workers normally have large families to provide for with few resources to go around. Many of these workers live hours from the nearest towns and have little access to a quality education for their children. This lack of education keeps their families stuck in a downward poverty cycle that will continue - unless something is done. To help coffee farming families by making a tax-deductible donation click here.

We care about people. Part of the profits generated at Caffè L'Aquila go back into the same coffee producing countries where the coffee was grown. We've teamed up with CSCOA's #coffeewithacause program to help this important effort. Donated funds help pay for educational materials, hire teachers and mentors and build new (or recondition existing) schools, churches and study centers. These critically needed educational resources help provide an easily accessible, quality education for the children in these remote coffee farming areas. It's a win/win/win situation for gourmet coffee lovers and coffee farm workers, their children and their communities for generations to come. 

Antonio Aieta

Advisory Board

Agricultural Engineer

Commercial Pilot

Transportation Expert

Pasquale Marone

Advisory Board


Professional Chef


Leo Marzullo

Advisory Board

Private Financier


Sales Educator

Jerry Lombardo

Advisory Board

Pizza Entrepreneur



Elias Infante

Advisory Board

Intl' Food Critic

Logistics Consultant

Travel & Leisure Expert

The future of coffee begins in your cup.


Sustainable farming programs are one of the best ways to give back to the coffee farm communities around the world. 

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