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Sustainable Farms, Gourmet Coffee

All of our coffee is grown and sourced by experts. Hand picked with care. Roasted to perfection.

Delicious Coffee. Clean Conscience.


Pacamara is known as one of the finest Arabica coffee varieties in the world. Originally a cross between Maragogype and Pacas developed in El Salvador. Pacamara was released in 1958 and typically sees premium pricing and high demand in the U.S., European and Asian coffee markets.

Ideal in

Caffè  Latte



Cuscatleco falls into the Sarchimor group of pure-line cultivars originating from a cross between Villa Sarchi and one Hibrido de Timor. Sarchimor lines such as Cuscatleco and Tupi show good production capabilities and excellent taste quality. 

Ideal in

Caffè Lungo

Caffè Macchiatu

L'Aquila Paradiso Blend

Latin American coffees are the foundation of our most popular blends. The consistent taste and quality is evident in every cup. Our Paradiso Blend is a tribute to our dedication and time spent within the Latin American coffee community. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

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Reimagine the Art of Coffee


We're on a mission to create innovative, sustainable coffee farming systems while ensuring the absolute best taste and quality in every cup.

Responsible Farming

The earth and soil has all the nutrients needed to produce perfect coffee crops. We allow the soil the proper rest and load capacity needed to produce great coffee - without adding harmful substances.

The Bees

Natural pollination from bees is one of the best ways to increase the production and flavor profile of our coffee organically. Our bees help ensure the consistent health and quality of the coffee we produce.

The Birds

Our coffee is grown in bird friendly environments, where their natural habitat is maintained in its intended state. These birds act as natural pest control agents, helping to keep our coffee plants healthy.

Giving Back

At Fincas L'Aquila we take part in various philanthropy programs. We've partnered with the Coffee With a Cause  initiative to help make a lasting difference in the lives of orphaned and high-risk kids.  

What Our Fans Say

“Awesomeness in my cup!”

The taste is rich and the finish is perfect.

Reggie Folie

“Amazing flavor!”

Normally I add sugar and cream to all my coffee drinks. But I actually enjoy the natural flavor of this coffee without any additional ingredients!

Sheila Alcala

"The best single origin coffee in the market."

This is some of the best single origin coffee I have ever tried in many years of travel around the world.

Amaya Santo Domingo

Pouring the perfect cup with Caffè L'Aquila

Craving a latte or espresso? Let's get pouring!

Farm to Cup Clean Technology

Our innovative technology leverages the secret power of coffee trees to produce all natural nutrient alternatives without the downside of chemical fertilizers.

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